Send Email from Post Function

In version 7.0 and later, you can send notification emails from Post Function. This feature is available for Jira administrators. To notify recipients about the Jira issue, follow the steps described below.

  1. Make sure you have administrator access to configure sending emails from Post Function;

  2. Go to Project Settings in the lower-left corner and click on Workflows;

  3. Select the workflow, click “edit” and choose the transition arrow where you need to configure a Post Function. Go to Post Functions;

  4. In the new screen, you’ll see the list of possible actions to perform. Here you need to add a post function.

  5. Select Send Email from Issue - NAFJ to add Post Function to Transition. Click the Add button;

  6. In the new window, you’ll see the Administration where you can add parameters to Post Function;

  7. Email Template. If the checkbox “Email Template” is enabled, make sure you have the field “Template for Notification” added to your transition screen so a user can pick a template for notification on issue transition. To learn more about how to add a custom field to Transition Screen, visit this page. If the “Email Template” checkbox is disabled, from the dropdown, select one of the configured email templates in Notification Assistant administration;

  8. Email Recipients. If the checkbox is disabled, the system will send a notification to the recipients who are configured in the "Recipients to Notify" field on the transition screen. When disabled, add recipients manually using the modal window;


  9. Click Add to finish the configuration for sending emails from Post Function.



If you use a Screen on the transition which has the Comment field, and a Template that includes the comment field, then you can include attachments on the email by including them in your Transition comment. For example: