Do I receive default Jira emails if I use Notification Assistant?

Yes. Notification Assistant for Jira doesn’t block your Jira from sending default notifications. To reduce the number of emails in your inbox, you can disable default Jira notifications by following the instructions.

Can I configure several triggers for a notification?

No. When configuring a notification, you can choose only one trigger. This prevents you from sending tons of unnecessary emails a recipient may consider as spam.

Why can’t I add recipients from custom fields?

If you don’t see any options in the drop-down menu when configuring recipients from custom fields, make sure you created appropriate ones. Go to Administration –> Issues –> Custom field and check whether you configured custom fields with the User Picker type.

I see the sign in the notification menu, what does it mean?

This sign means that you didn’t configure an Executing User. This field is not required, you may specify the user who the notification should run as. This will impact what issues show up in your JQL specified above.

Is Notification Assistant compatible with my Jira version?

You can check if your Notification Assistant is compatible with your Jira version on the Marketplace.