Troubleshooting - Macro

Dashboards loads but looks wrong

This is most likely an issue with the configuration of the Size and Layout of the Dashboard in Tableau. Take a look at the docs at:

One of the most important areas to look at is the Size section. We have seen how customers had this set to Phone and it made everything appear as a column when embed. If you have Phone as an option here, we recommend that you entirely delete this by clicking on the ... icon next to it.


Macro loads but the content is empty

You are likely entering incorrect values into the View and Workbook fields. Try copying these from the URL when viewing Tableau to confirm you got them right.

For example, if you look at the screenshot below, you may think you want to write “What If Forecast” in the view, but it is actually “WhatIfForecast”:

Macro fails to load with browser error

You see one of these types of errors:


Internet Edge


This is likely because Tableau has Clickjacking Protection enabled. You need to enable the Embed function on the Macro:

Collecting Logs

  1. Go to <YOUR CONFLUENCE URL>/admin/viewlog4j.action

  2. Add com.schubergphilis with DEBUG logging to the configuration


  3. Reproduce the issue you were having

  4. Provide us with a support zip as outlined at
     If you are using Confluence Data Center, we need a copy of the logs from all of the nodes in your cluster.