HTML Macro

The HTML Macro lets you author your Confluence page using any HTML You want. Your HTML content will seamlessly appear in your Confluence page as if you had written it using Confluence’s editor.

To use this macro:

  1. Type /html in your Confluence page.

  2. Choose the “HTML” option.

  3. Pick which of the sources of HTML you want to embed. We support direct entry, a file attached to the Confluence page, or a Remote URL.


  4. Click the refresh icon next to the word Preview to see a preview of your content

Remote URL Support

We support embedding HTML from the following sources:

  • Any public URL

  • Private Github Cloud Repositories

  • Private Bitbucket Cloud Repositories

  • Private GitLab Cloud Repositories

For private repository sources, we will ask the user who is viewing the Confluence page to oauth to the repository to ensure they have access to the file.