Markdown Macro for Confluence - Cloud Migration

  1. In Confluence server, make sure Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant is up to date


  2. Prepare Markdown Macro for Confluence for migration in Migration Assistant

    1. Go to SettingsMigration Assistant


    2. Click “Assess and Install Apps”


    3. On the Assess page, choose “Needed in Cloud” for Markdown Macro for Confluence


    4. On the Connect page, connect your Confluence server instance to your Confluence Cloud site



    5. On the Install page, make sure Markdown Macro for Confluence is installed in the cloud site



    6. On the Agree page, make sure to accept the migration policies



  3. Start a new migration

    1. On the Migration assistant home page, click “Manage your Migration”


    2. On the Migrations dashboard page, click “Create new migration”


    3. Review the instructions as needed, and click “Connect to cloud”


    4. On the Connect page, name your migration, and choose your cloud site


    5. On the Choose page, choose what to migrate


    6. On the next page, choose the spaces that should be included in the migration


    7. On the Check page, fix any errors, and continue when done


    8. Ensure Markdown Macro for Confluence is listed in the apps that will be migrated


    9. Run the migration


    10. Click “View Details” to get a better idea of migration status


    11. After the Data Migration is complete, the App Migration will run