Handling Macros

You can use Handling Macros to insert different information from an email to an issue. The following options are available:

Handling Macro


Handling Macro



Sender’s name

Ex: Patrick


Sender’s email address

Ex: john@example.com


Date email was sent


Date and time email was sent


The attachment name of the original email

Ex: original_email.eml


Subject of the email


Body of the email Added in 5.3.0

Example Email with Handling Macros

1 2 3 4 5 <title>This email sent by @@SENDER_NAME@@ - @@SEND_DATETIME@@<title/> <description>This is the description for @@SENDER_NAME@@ issue.</description> <level>Important</level> <feedback>This is a new comment</feedback> <endDate>@@SEND_DATE@@</endDate>