Multitool for Confluence

Confluence Admin Tools is a new app built on top of Atlassian Forge that empowers Confluence Administrators to perform advanced tasks that Confluence doesn’t support out of the box. We currently launched with one feature and are working to add more.

Audit Space Administration Permissions


Go to the Space Admin List section in your Confluence administrator UI:

There you will see a list of all of the administrator permissions in all of your spaces in Confluence. From there you can filter permissions based on the following attributes:

  • Space Key

  • Space Name

  • Space Status

    • current vs archived

  • Space Type

    • global vs personal

  • Permission For

    • This means the entity to whom the permission is assigned.

  • Permission Type

    • This tells you the type of entity that has the permission. App means an external Application, and User means a real user.

Once you have filtered the permissions, you can export or delete them.