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Tableau for Confluence in Cloud does not support the Trusted Authentication model that existed in Tableau for Confluence - Pro. This means your users will need to authenticate with Tableau in order for visualizations to render instead of us doing this on the back-end.

Changed parameters

Old Parameters

Replacement Parameters

Manual Migration Steps


Workbook and View

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Copy and paste the full URL from the “Share” dialog

Image ModifiedImage Modified

Given this public Viz:

Clicking the Share button gives this URL:

Code Block

Parameter as key-value pairs

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Parameter as unified field

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Combine the key-value pairs using URL query format:

  1. Join each pair with “=”

  2. Join all pairs with “&”


param1 value1
param2 value2

Change to:


Title, Interactive, Button, Refresh

These parameters were present to support non-interactive mode, which is now unsupported (see above).